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Posted on September 1, 2016 By Fada Herbert in Funeral Reports

The Regina Pacis Cathedral Small Soppo was very colourful on Saturday 28th April 2018, as past and present students and staff of Bishop Rogan College, as well as parishioners, friends and benefactors gathered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the passing of Fr. Sylvester Suh Ngwa, former Rector of BIROCOL who died on 2nd April 1998. The remarkable day started with Holy Mass at 10am, jointly celebrated by 5 priests in a half-filled Cathedral.
In his homily inspired by the Gospel text of John 14:1-6, Fr. Joseph Awoh, asked all present to always evaluate their choices and priorities in life with respect to eternal life. Spiced by several souvenirs from four year tenure as Spiritual Director in BIROCOL, during which he was a colleague to the deceased, Fr Awoh recalled that Fr. Suh Ngwa embraced his work with a deep sense of vocation. For this reason, students and staff remember him for his deep concern for students’ welfare, love for sports, exemplary companionship with fellow priests and his passion for teaching, which earned him the name “Abaculum” or “Abacks”. Fr. Awoh also referred to teaching as a vocation, which like the priesthood is a call from God, which gives a divine mission to the one who receives it. In doing so he rendered thanks to those who had initiated and sustained the Fr. Sylvester SuhNgwa Foundation for the past twenty years.
Before the final blessing, there was a tribute from Mgr. George Nkuo, Bishop of Kumbo, who, drawing from his lived experiences with the deceased, from BIROCOL to STAMS Bambui, Kumba Town Parish, Dublin Ireland and finally Small Soppo, thanked God for the life and ministry of Fr. SuhNgwa, whom he described as a “priest par excellence”, and a man of magnetic personality. After Holy Mass, the anniversary wreathe was laid upon Fr. SuhNgwa’s grave amidst singing and prayer with lighted candles.
The second part of the ceremony took place at the Bishop Rogan College library where Mr. James Vefonge, in his capacity as Coordinator, gave a rundown of the origin and recent activities of the Foundation, which mainly targets raising funds to grant scholarship to under-priviledged children after the example of Fr. SuhNgwa. Under the chairmanship of Dr Amos Ngongi, spontaneous donations to the tune of 1.300,000FCFA were made, alongside pledges. Worthy of the note was the presence and contributions made by former beneficiaries of the scholarship fund, which has trained many students up to university level, regardless of sex, religion and background. The Foundation also earmarked the need to reinforce the roof of the family home of Fr SuhNgwa in Bafut that still hosts his mother, mama Christina Sirri.
Rev. Fr Sylvester Suh Ngwa was born in Mbebili, Bafut on 15 September 1954. After studies at Bishop Rogan Minor Seminary and STAMS Bambui, he was ordained priest in April 1982 for the Diocese of Buea. He served briefly at Kumba, Tiko, Mamfe and Tombel Parishes, and was appointed tutor in Bishop Rogan College in 1984 before going for studies in Ireland. Upon completion of studies he was re-appointed to Bishop Rogan College where he served as Rector till his death on Thursday April 2, 1998.

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