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Open Letter To Mgr Jean Mbarga, Arch-Bishop of Yaounde

Posted on March 29, 2019 By Kand Owalski in Human Interest

Man of "God", Your outing yesterday made me shed tears. I admit to have grown weak in reading the report; I admit cold chills went down my spine. After just a single reading, I regretted all the sacraments I had to take since my childhood in your Institution. I've often been told there's a difference between religion, religious men, the Church, Church leaders and God. Yet, another popular opinion holds that they all boil down to the same thing. Oh that I had rather spent all those wasted Sunday mornings in Church playing football like my numerous friends! Maybe today I would have been a great international talent. But let's keep this aside. Man of "God", you denounced the "desecration" of your premises by MRC militants. Desecration, you say! And by MRC militants! It sounds like a summons, and yet it is you who have desecrated your image as man of God and symbol of reconciliation, you whom some people for reasons I don't know, call My Lord (Monsignor). It's clear someone asked you to target yesterday's outing at the MRC, so as to attempt, albeit in vain, to tarnish the legitimacy which it has attained in the eyes of Cameroonians for a while now. For a man of God, you are of bad faith! The images that circulated of what took place at the cradle of your catedral yesterday do not give any reason to suggest that those men and women should be taken for MRC militants. I don't intend to claim either that the demonstration had nothing to do with the MRC. Of course not. I wish to tell you that it was by diverse Cameroonians who gathered to express their utter disappointment. Desecration? Did you really evaluate the depth of this word? Desecration!! How bold! But consider this, Man of God. These persons came to your cathedral and attended Mass. At the end, they moved to the back, and as the images show, lifted their written words towards heaven to pass across a precise message. I'm at a loss to tell at what point they supposedly desecrated your premises, and I mean it when I say "your" premises. When they gave alms in church, was it desecration? Man of "God", what other environment than the Church is more suitable to denounce theft? Seizure? Ransacking? From this perspective, are the placards which read "No to Hold-up" not equivalent to the commandment "Thou shall not steal" prescribed in your Bible? How does one cry desecration when youths stand at the courtyard of a church to remind the world, especially politicians that they are not to covet the choice of the people? No, it can't be the case. Contrary to what you tried to make the masses believe, politics and the Catholic Church have often shown mutual solidarity. And as I said already, yesterday's demonstration was not by politicians; rather it was by people of faith who came to cry in exasperation to God. You would have made a serious point, were you to seize the opportunity, among other things, to meet these youths and try to understand the reasons for their demonstration. That in fact is your role. Your role is not to read political speeches, dictated to you by phone call, in an attempt of giving a political orientation to a civil and Christian act which consists in calling to mind the sixth commandment (sic) of God: "No to hold-up; Yes to Truth!" No, your Grace, this message is not a desecration of your "sanctum". The only desecration that took place yesterday came about when you permitted gendermes to enter the cradle of a church to violate the rights of citizens in distress - 18 persons arrested in your premises, according to the information we have - there consists desecration. Before your eyes, they brutalised citizens who came to cry their indignation against an ignominious act of electoral fraud, and the most scandalous of them that ever existed. The real desecration is when in that same catedral the same persons whom you flirt with daily sodomise young children under the guise of occultic practices. Sir, are you not ashamed to turn a blind eye on all the grave and intolerable irregularities that marked the voting process, and to cast your support for an octagenarian whose capacity for action has failed definitively? Are you not ashamed to give your support to these ridiculous acts of fraudsters? In the recent intervention in which you were instructed to contradict those of Mgr Kleda, you didn't hide the stance you've taken on the side of theft, rape, and abuse. Of course, whoever knows you won't be surprised. But if you are a man of God, pretend at least to be on the side of the truth, because that is what builds peace. Do you intend to condemn desecration? Begin first by condemning the assassination of Mgr Balla. I don't remember you ever mentioning anything in that regard. Condemn that of Mgr. Konou, Fr Bikoa, Fr Joseph Mbassi, Fr Zambo, Fr Fontegh, Mgr Plumey, Fr Amougou; condemn those of Srs Germaine and Leonne, Fr Engelbert Mveng, Fr Claude Ndi, Br Marie Dominique, Br Anton Probst, Fr Xavier Mekong, Fr Joseph Yamb, and most recently of Fr Armel Djama; all these persons assassinated by this regime since 1982. That indeed is desecration. Why do you never speak of these? Desecration is when Mgr Tonye Bakotte doesn't mince his words to say there are too many Bamilike indigenes at the Catholic University (Yde); desecration is when men of God lead youths to block the road for another man of God to enter "their town"; it is when people defecate everywhere in a cathedral, even on the Tabernacle to push away a man of God, because he is Bamileke. Your silence on the chaotic situation of our brothers and sisters in the Anglophone zones, your disregard for the misery of our brothers in the Grand North, your denial of the truth you have seen and heard leave me to think you have nothing of a man of God. Mr. Jean Mbarga, a new wind is blowing across Cameroon. You are deaf to its sound because you overestimate the power of your masters. But when the people will rise decidedly against these executioners, I hope you will have the time to pick up your sandals (before running). No one should ever mock at a suffering people, worse still, an archbishop. I don't know if it's still the case, but when I stayed in Yde there were many beggars around your catedral . Let him who has ears... (End).
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